FiberTech Announces ACMI / DUR-8 Repair Exchange Program

          Until recently, expedited Repair Exchange programs where only available directly from the manufacturers. NOW, FiberTech offers the same convenient option at more affordable rates.

          Frank Majerowicz, a company Principal, shared the following about the new program:

          We realized that many facilities did not have adequate inventories of the DUR-8 model and could not wait 5 to 7 days for their scope to be repaired. Most of our Customers preferred the convenience of a traditional Repair Exchange program but were not thrilled by the price tag that came with it. To better meet the needs of our Customers we developed the Industries first Repair / Exchange program offered from a Third Party Servicer. Customers can now order a DUR-8 exchange unit with a deliver time of 24-48 hours but at a more affordable rate than what the manufacturer offers. We will also continue to offer the option of repairing the Customers original DUR-8 with a 5 to 7 day turn-around time at even greater Cost Savings.”

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