Company History Timeline

FiberTech is considered by many as a Pioneer of the third party endoscope service industry…

FiberTech old logoIn 1989, the field of Endoscopy was about to change, video endoscopes were on the horizon, procedures were primarily hospital based, and the concept of “single use” was yet to occur.

Another change about to take place regarded how facilities would manage their endoscope repairs – and FiberTech was the company that would lead this change. Until 1989, the only option for repairing endoscopes was returning them to the original manufacturer and accepting high repair rates and lackluster service. When two Olympus service technicians realized the level of customer dissatisfaction that existed, they had a plan for a better option, that plan was FiberTech and they went on to change the industry forever!

As we approach the 25th anniversary of FiberTech, here is a look at our historical events that helped shape the endoscopy service industry:

May 1989

FiberTech started in Baltimore Maryland by two Olympus service technicians – Frank Majerowicz and Lloyd H. Shue III
Original Founders

Original Founders:
Frank Majerowicz
Lloyd H. Shue III


FiberTech’s new endoscope service concept begins to quickly attract attention nationwide as FiberTech becomes the first legitimate third party endoscope service company.


FiberTech is the first service company to build a National sales and support team for endoscope repair.

March 1991

FiberTech expands into second Baltimore 4,000 sq. ft. service center.

May 1991

FiberTech is the first third party service company to exhibit at a DDW/SGNA conference.


FiberTech begins conducting endoscope educational programs… before the manufacturers.


FiberTech expands into third Baltimore 11,000 sq. ft. service center.
3rd Corporate Office

Third Corporate Office—1993


FiberTech begins franchise business operation in Canada.

April 1994

FiberTech opens second U.S. service center in California.

May 1994

FiberTech opens third U.S. service center in Ohio.


FiberTech develops Endo-Mendo, the industry’s first proprietary endoscope service business quality software program.


FiberTech begins service operations in France as TechFibre.


FiberTech teams up with SGNA to develop and produce the first SGNA endoscope cleaning video.

Watch our first Corporate video from 1997!


FiberTech opens fourth U.S. service center in Memphis.

November 1997

FiberTech acquires a rigid endoscope service business and expands operations.


FiberTech opens additional U.S. service centers in Kansas, Texas, and Florida.


FiberTech Australia opens.


FiberTech begins service operations in Italy.


FiberTech provides support for 2,000 customers worldwide and receives an average of 100 endoscopes per day to become the largest U.S. endoscope service company.

March 1999

FiberTech businesses acquired by GE Medical.

2000 – 2003

FiberTech service business operated by GE Medical.


GE Medical discontinues use of the FiberTech brand and consolidates operations to one facility.


Original partner Majerowicz reorganizes FiberTech with new partners.


FiberTech re-opens Baltimore service center.

2006 – 2008

FiberTech expands National and International distribution.


FiberTech opens a 9,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art service center.


Endo-360 launched: FiberTech’s comprehensive repair management program.

2011 – 2012

FiberTech continues expansion of repair capabilities and customer support programs.