Fiber Optic Cable

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Light Cables are fragile instruments and will eventually wear out or become damaged. The instrument manufacturers choose not to repair them, forcing you to throw them out and purchase costly replacements.

At FiberTech, we can service all Brands, Models and lengths of Glass Fiber Optic cables at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We will restore your cables back to original “Like New” specifications.

Fiber Optic cable

Program Highlights

  • Light Cables can be completely restored including New fibers and outer sheathing
  • Substantial Cost reduction compared to typical OEM Replacement costs
  • 120 Warranty on all materials and workmanship
  • All replacement components meet exact OEM specifications and meet the demands created by harsh cleaning solutions and processes
  • We utilize the highest quality Fibers that reproduce the Brightest and Whitest Light possible
  • Optional Colors available (Color code your cables to specific rooms or departments)
  • Two to Five day turn-around time on all repairs