Quarterly Activity Report



Each Quarter all FiberTech Customers will automatically receive our detailed “Dashboard” style service activity report. Our report provides all the critical information you need to properly manager your endoscopes.

Statistics At-A-Glance

Repairs By Month /
Dollars & Scopes

Repairs By Month
This section summarizes how many scopes went out for repair and total service expenditures by the month.

Scopes Out This Quarter

Scopes Out for Repair
This section lists each scope and serial number that went out for repair by month.

Repair Trend Analysis

Repair Type Analysis
This section provides more detail regarding types of damage. This information is critical in pin-pointing handling, storage, and/or cleaning issues that may contribute to scope damage.

YTD Statistics

Year-to-Date Statistics
This section provides a snapshot of your year-to-date repair statistics.